Big Shout Outs!

Seniors’ Pet Assistance Network would like to thank the following organizations for their generous support of SPAN in 2020:

united way of dallas

The United Way of Dallas: $18,886

The Grey Muzzle Foundation: $10,000

Byrne Family Foundation donation

The Byrne Family Foundation: $10,000

american humane society donation

American Humane Society: $2,000

fraternal order of eagles donation

The Fraternal Order of Eagles: $3,023

Client Spotlight

SPAN Client, Linda Posner and Samson

Linda and Samson

Meet Linda and Samson. SPAN has been working with Linda since 2014 when she had cats. She rescued Samson in 2018, stating that he had been chained outside alone for 2 weeks and she took him in out of concern for his safety and welfare. They have been close companions ever since.

Nutrition and Exercise Matter

An estimated 52.7% of dogs and 57.9% of cats in the United States are overweight or obese. Many people face the same issue, and the American Veterinary Medical Association encourages pet owners to get regular exercise — with their pets! This improves cardiovascular health, helps both pets and people maintain a healthy weight, supports good mental health for both owner and pet, and strengthens the human-animal bond.

Nutrition is important to both weight management and overall health. Your veterinarian can advise you on how much to feed your pet and whether the diet you’re providing is healthful – including both meals and treats!

Donating to SPAN

Your financial support to Seniors’ Pet Assistance Network is essential to our success. There are several ways you can help SPAN achieve its mission of fostering the joy of companionship. Go to our webpage at and look for the Donate button.

A monthly recurring gift, no matter how small, would help SPAN support our pets’ needs. A one-time donation could support SPAN in the following ways:

  • $50 would buy food for 1 pet for 3 months
  • $100 would buy food for 1 pet for 6 months
  • $250 would provide emergency dental treatment
  • $1,000 would help us provide services to more clients
  • $1,800 would help us rebuild and maintain our website

Join Our Pack

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Trotting Forward…

As SPAN moves forward, we would like to keep everyone updated on future activities and events using our newsletter platform. If you have news or information that you’d like to include, email us at

Volunteer Opportunity

If you would like to help us deliver food to our clients, please contact Jacqueline West at We would love to have you onboard!